ℹ️ 10 Statistics on Eye Health in United States

Throughout the United States, more than 24.2 percent of Americans over 40 have cataracts, according to American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Here are nine more statistics:

  1. Almost 50 percent of U.S. residents over 75 have cataracts.
  2. Of Americans ages 40 and over, more than 2.7 million residents have glaucoma.
  3. Surgeons performed 48,229 corneal implants in the United States in 2013.
  4. Since 1961, surgeons have restored more than 1 million patients’ vision through a corneal implant.
  5. Almost 1.3 million Americans 40 and older are legally blind.
  6. Annually, there are nearly 2.4 million eye injuries in the United States.
  7. In 2010, surgeons performed nearly 800,000 refractive surgical procedures.
  8. In 2014, there were 19,216 active ophthalmologists in the United States.
  9. Worldwide, there were nearly 213,459 ophthalmologists in 2014.

Source: Becker’s ASC Review